Esoko is a simple but powerful communication tool for businesses, projects, NGOs and governments to connect with farmers. Use any mix of our web and mobile apps, original agricultural content, and on-the-ground deployment services for your marketing, monitoring and advisory needs.


Where we are?

Esoko was launched in August 2015 in Mexico where more than 5 million of smallholder farmers DO NOT have formal connections with market and new agricultural knowledge

Esoko was launched in August 2015 in Mexico. Esoko is one of the world's most complete and powerful information and communication platform for connecting with rural communities and farmers in particular. It uses web and mobile technologies to connect smallholder farmers with all the key players in the agriculture value chain. Thanks to Esoko, smallholder farmers have access to market information and knowledge allowing them to improve their productivity, reach optimal sale prices, increase their incomes and escape poverty.  As of July 2016, Esoko México impacts over 5,000 farmers


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