We've developed A unique approach to SCALE ImpacT.

The social ventures we create are inspired from the business and impact models of successful social businesses. We partner-up with those successful social entrepreneurs and help them scale their impact with no extra burden.


Why do we Scale instead of building from Scratch?

Scaling is the “holy grail”of the social sector. Most successful social innovations do not scale their impact because they lack some of the most basic resources such as a talented operating team, financing, time, infrastructure or even ambition.

It is frustrating to see aspiring entrepreneurs "reinventing the wheel" developing solutions that have already been created somewhere else and losing precious resources such as time, energy and money.

At Connovo, we designed the most efficient process to scale the impact of "what works" creating social ventures with a high impact and business potential. We find solutions that have proven to work and bring together all the key resources that are needed to build a successful social business in a new context: a team of high caliber co-founders, seed funding, shared services, key connections and mentoring.